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Teaching, Learning and Assessment

At BGN, Lessons are planned using a standard set of minimum expectations known as the BGN 5. Lessons are planned around a learning question which is designed as a ‘hook’ to stimulate enquiry and discussion and also facilitate a plenary to the learning. All groups of students e.g., High, middle, and low prior attainers, SEND, Disadvantaged and EAL are identified on seating plans which enable teachers to challenge and support them within the learning environment. Opportunities are made within lessons to develop the cultural capital and understanding of British Values across the curriculum. Oracy is a key feature of our lesson planning and opportunities are planned for regular guided talking activities. Student work is well presented and shows evidence of a well sequenced curriculum, AFL, and independent learning.

Student progress in lessons is monitored with high quality assessment for learning techniques including hands down questioning and other low stake testing activities. Every unit of work includes a piece of formative assessment for which students are prepared using a variety of scaffolding techniques. It is then marked using FAR comments (Feedback, Action, Response) and lesson time is given for improvement. Summative assessments are carried out according to the department assessment plan and these are used to inform internal data analysis and student reports. Data collection points for each year group happen 3 times a year. We use 4Matrix to monitor attainment and achievement in years 7-11 and ALPS Connect for Key Stage 5 students. Intervention is planned after each data collection and academic support is put in place as needed.