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Year 12

Year 13

Pure Maths: Differentiation, Integration, Trigonometry, Series, Algebra, Surds, Indices, Coordinate Geometry, Binomial Expansion, Vectors, Logarithms.


Statistics: Data processing, Probability, Binomial Distribution, Hypothesis Testing.


Mechanics: Kinematics, Newton’s Laws, Forces, Variable Acceleration.



Two 1½ hour exams:

Paper 1: Pure Maths and Mechanics.

Paper 2: Pure Maths and Statistics.

Pure Maths – More differentiation and integration, Trigonometry and functions. More complex Calculus, Vectors, differential Equations and Algebra, Sequences and Series.

Statistics: Probability, Statistical Distributions, Hypothesis Testing. 


Mechanics: Forces and Motion, Movements, Projectiles, Friction.



Three 2 hour exams:

Paper 1: Pure Maths.

Paper 2: Pure Maths and Mechanics.

Paper 3: Pure Maths and Statistics.


Links Well With:

Sciences, Further Maths, Geography and Business Studies.

Progression Routes:

Maths can lead to careers in Engineering, Physics, Maths and Accountancy.

Entry Requirements:

GCSE Grade 7 Maths.