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Key Stage 4 Curriculum (Y10-11)

In Year 10, students have the choice of 3 options.  Given the changes in GCSE requirements and increased content, it was felt that more time was needed for both core and optional subjects.  Students in addition have more and longer terminal examinations.  For the majority of students, doing 3 options will give them 9 GCSEs, those who take triple Science will get 10.   The option blocks are created in response to demand and resources available.  This year, Core PE has 2 hours per fortnight and Triple Science is taught within the Science allocation, so students do not need to take it as an option.   For a very small number of students, there is an ASDAN Employability course which may take the place of one option.  In addition, a very small number of students will take Functional Skills in Maths and / or English.   Options consist mainly of GCSE qualifications, but there are a small number of BTEC / OCR National courses.  These are Construction, Childcare and IMedia.  Students have the opportunity to choose Computer Science, a language (French, Spanish or Polish) and humanity (History or Geography).  They are supported in making their decisions to ensure that they have selected the most appropriate courses for their ability and career path. 

In Year 11 students continue with their option choices.

PSHE, RSE and CIAEG are delivered during tutor time with an additional number of drop-down sessions throughout the Key Stage.