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Year 12

Year 13

In Year 12 students’ study two units of the total four required for A level.

The first is based on a British period study and enquiry.  The two parts of this unit between them constitute a substantial and coherent element of British history.

For this unit we study Alfred the Great and the Making of England.  This includes a period study of England from 871-1016 AD.

In the second unit we will study Russia 1894- 1941 which focuses on the collapse of Russian autocracy and the establishment of the Communist dictatorship under Lenin and Stalin.


In year 13 students revise and develop the two year 12 units and in addition students study a unit on historical themes and interpretations. This involves a thematic study covering an extended period of history of at least 100 years, and a depth study looking at key events, individuals, or issues within the theme.


For the thematic study we focus on the development of Civil Rights for African Americans; Native Americans; women and the working class in America from 1865 to 1992.


Students also write an independently researched 3000-4000 word extended essay on a historical event/person of their choice.


Assessment is at the end of Year 13 and takes the form of three exams and the extended essay.

Links Well With:

History links particularly well with English, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology and Sociology. It links well with any A level including Maths and Science.

Progression Routes:

History is a suitable preparation for a wide range of university degree courses and employment opportunities. 

Entry Requirements:

GCSE Grade 6 in History. 

If you have not taken History GCSE, you need to have Grade 6 in English.