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Year 12

Year 13

Physical Geography:

Hot Desert systems & landscapes.

Water & carbon cycles.


Human Geography:

Changing places.

Global systems & governance.


Geographical Investigation:

A personal research project based on data collected in the local area. It is your choice as to the investigation question, but it must be framed somewhere in the course content.

3,000 – 4,000 words & 20% of the A Level.



Geography A Level is a two year linear course and will be assessed at the end of Year 13.

Physical Geography:

Hazards (Tectonics and weather)



Human Geography:

Contemporary urban environments.




There are two exams (Physical Geography & Human Geography) at the end of Year 13. The subject content from Year 12 is examined in the Year 13 exams.  They are both 2 ½ hours and each account for 40% of the A Level.

Links Well With:

Geography links particularly well with History, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Sociology. It links well with any A Level subject with the wide range of transferrable skills you will develop (e.g. statistical analysis, data presentation and analysis, writing analytical and evaluative reports).

Progression Routes:

Geography is suitable preparation for a wide range of university degree courses and employment opportunities.  The analytical skills as well as the deeper understanding of all global issues are exceptionally advantageous for any employment opportunity. There are a wide range of careers suitable for Geographers and people with geographical skills, including: Law, Solicitor, Town planner, Museum curator, including those associated with STEM subjects.

Entry Requirements:

GCSE Grade 6 Geography.