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Aims of the department

The Geography Department at BGN aims to inspire geographers who admire the 'awe and wonder of the planet', aspire to understand, enquire, question and appreciate the interactions of people and landscapes at local, national and global levels.  Through investigation of topical issues students are encouraged to develop empathy towards people living in different spatial locations, socio-economic environments and cultures different to their own.

Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their own learning through developing decision making skills and responsibility for the planning and direction of their work.

Key Stage 3 

Students follow the revised National Curriculum Programmes of Study in which they study units of work in Physical, Human and Environmental Geography.  Students learn that the natural world is under constant change and how people affect various environments.    Within the programme of study students have opportunities for investigative enquiries, decision making and role play.  They also develop practical and thinking skills through the interpretation and analysis of cartographic and graphic data.  They have the opportunity to take part in some local fieldwork and they make use of ICT in their work.  The course is an excellent foundation for GCSE Geography in Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4 

GCSE - Students follow the AQA Syllabus.  Modules of work are completed in Physical Geography and Human Geography.  The course flows naturally from work completed in Key Stage 3.  There are opportunities for fieldwork and recently we have spent three days on the south coast completing a study into coastal features and processes.

key stage 5 

'A' Level students follows the AQA Syllabus.  A range of both Physical and Human Geography topics are followed and these are examined in Yr 13.  Students also complete one piece of coursework, up to 4,000 words, on a topic of their choice.  There are fieldwork opportunities during the course and in recent years students have completed a local river study and trips to London to examine the impacts of regeneration.