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An ability to communicate and articulate is fundamental in this ever changing world now fuelled by technological advances. The subject of Drama has radical effects on individual’s abilities to be part of any social situation. Whether you want to be a doctor, scientist, psychology, marketing manager or any given job we require an ability to mix with others. Drama enables students to build those vital skills which place us confidently into any situation. We explore the use of language and the use of voice, a range of emotions and how body language can be used to communicate.

key stage 4 

We follow the Edexcel GCSE Drama Board of Examinations. This two year course explores all of the elements of Drama and is made up of three components. Component one is a unit in which students create and develop a devised piece from a stimulus. They then perform this to an external audience. Component two focuses on a performance of two extracts of a contemporary text. Component three is an exploration of a full performance text and an evaluation of a live theatre performance culminating in a written examination.

The Edexcel Board is used as it offers students an opportunity to mix a high level of practical exploration with clear elements of written analyses and evaluation. The course is designed to support progression to further student drama alongside a wide range of other subjects. The set texts require students to articulate how they would perform or create theatre alongside the performance of theatre. The set texts will require students to articulate how they would perform in certain roles. Students will have the opportunity to explore practitioners and performance texts from this century. 

key stage 5 

This is a two year course focused on the Edexcel exam entitles Drama and Theatre Studies. This variation from the Drama GCSE opens students up to aspects of the theatre alongside the drama skills. This course focuses on both the practical and written elements of drama and theatre and allows students the opportunity to explore a variety of world renowned text and see some west end theatre. There are three components to this course. The first component focuses on the creation of theatre for a specific audience. The second focuses on the performance of a well-known play text. The third component places students at the heart of the theatre world as a director allowing them to write in an examination how they would rehearse and put on a play. This section also allows students to analyse a live theatre production.

Students that take an Expressive Arts subject in the 6th Form also have the opportunity to take extra UCAS accredited courses in Music, Drama and Art. These students can also provide outreach work in the three disciplines to take into the community.