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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is displayed in all classrooms and is carried by all students.  It outlines our shared and fundamental expectations of behaviour in class and around the school site.  These are as follows:

As a student at BGN I promise to:

  • Demonstrate compassion for those around me by acting in a way that allows them to be and to become the people they were created to be
  • Respect those around me in what I do and in what I say
  • Respect the environment around me by ensuring that it is always left as I would like to find it
  • Speak truthfully and honestly about what has happened and take responsibility for my actions
  • Act lovingly in a way that serves others in our school community
  • Forgive those who have wronged me

I also promise to:

  • Be prepared for learning with the correct attitude, equipment and uniform
  • Work to my full potential
  • Take pride in the work that I do
  • Arrive at school and to lessons on time
  • Respect the right of others to work and to be safe
  • Help to create a calm atmosphere so as to foster a positive learning environment
  • Follow instructions without argument

At BGN we recognise that parents are the first and most important educators and have an important role to play in supporting the school's standards of good behaviour and pastoral care.  We must work together to create effective communication, trust and partnerships between home and school.