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Careers Information, Advice, and Guidance in Key Stage 5

At BGN Sixth Form we are committed to providing an environment which encourages all students to maximise their potential. We work hard to ensure that all lessons are free from all forms of stereotyping to ensure that all students consider the full range of careers and possible post-18 options.

Careers Education

Careers Education lessons are delivered through tutor group activities and assemblies for Key Stage 5 (Yr12 and 13). The Careers Education lessons focus on self-development and self-analysis, career exploration and the development of career management skills to support our students to make independent and confident future decisions. Tutor Time offers the opportunity for tutors to have general discussions with tutor groups about current issues and the decisions students are making and to organise formal support with these decisions if needed.

Key Stage 5 students and parents have access to ‘Unifrog’ - a destinations platform providing a comprehensive source of careers information on universities, apprenticeships, careers, and labour market information. The personalised experiences and career planning tools help students to make more informed decisions about future study and career options. Students create a personalised account on this website which can also be accessed at home.


Careers Guidance

In Year 12, students attend a UCAS Higher Education Exhibition with exhibitors ranging from employers, universities, colleges, apprenticeship providers and personal development opportunities. Year 12 students complete a minimum of a week of work experience in July, and this develops their transferable skills further as well as helping them make decisions on their career path.

Career support from the Sixth Form team and Adviza continues into Year 13 where students are guided to make aspirational choices in their areas of interest. Students are guided throughout the UCAS application process and have discussions on apprenticeship and employment opportunities or planning for a gap year throughout their studies in the Sixth Form. Students called for interview are offered practice interviews to help them succeed. We also provide further guidance on applying for student finance and replying to offers.

Our Sixth Form Bulletin keeps students and parents informed about the tutor programme, opportunities such as taster days, summer schools, webinars, open days, HE opportunities and apprenticeships, and gives many ideas for super-curricular development. UCAS applicants are kept informed on relevant deadlines, and this is supplemented with the booklet ‘Your Options after 6th Form’. We very much recognise and value the input of parents and carers and are keen to support them in helping their children to make informed and realistic career decisions. Parents and carers are welcome to attend career appointments or can contact the Sixth Form to talk to a Careers Adviser.

Post-18 opportunities are brought to life through visiting speakers and new skills are developed through an Enrichment programme for Year 12. Guest speakers are invited into assemblies such as the National Citizenship Service and bespoke Career Talks focus on specific occupational areas of interest.

We are committed to providing impartial information to students and one to one independent Careers Guidance is offered by Adviza, a national careers service which meets the Career Development Institute Code of Ethics.  Students will receive a Guidance Summary in the days following their appointment.

We are committed toward working to meet the eight benchmarks in the Good Career Guidance Report of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and so plan to develop our Careers Programme further.