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Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Blessed George Napier
Catholic School and Sixth Form
Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Part of the Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company

Teaching Staff

Please find below a list of teaching staff as at January 2018

Dr Suzanne Asbridge                         Design & Technology (Textiles)

Mrs Elizabeth Burak                           Science (Part time)

Mr Jatinder Bains                                Subject Leader -  Computing & ICT

Mrs Rosie Brown                                  Computing & ICT & VLE Co-ordinator

Miss Danielle Castle                            Art (Part time)

Mrs Amanda Clark                               Assistant Subject Leader - English (Part time)

Mrs Roisin Conway                              RE and Head of KS4

Mr Mark Crawford                                 Design and Technology and Head of KS3

Mr Tom Cross                                          History

Mrs Niamh Dolan                                  Deputy Headteacher (Achievement and Progression), DSL & Pyschology

Mrs Ann Ebsworth                                Assistant Subject Leader - RE

Mrs Alice Edwards                                English (Part time) - Maternity Leave

Mrs Margaret Ellul                                 Science and ALL Yr 13 (Future Destinations)

Ms Zoe Farndon                                     Assistant Subject Leader - English

Miss Clare Farr                                         English (Part time)

Miss Michelle Fisher                              MFL and ALL KS3 (Head of Yr 8)

Mrs Helen Furniss                                   Subject Leader - Drama (Part time)

Mr Edwin Garavito                                  RE

Miss Laura Gines                                      Assistant Subject Leader - PE

Mr Les Golding                                         Business Studies

Mr Carl Hamilton                                     Sports Partnership Development - Head

Mrs Lizzie Harris                                      RE, Careers Education, Advice, Information and Guidance Co-Ordinator 

Mrs Julie Hart                                           Maths (Part time)

Mrs Prim Herridge                                  MFL, Head of Yr 9, Assistant LL

Mrs Elaine Hunt                                      English, Citizenship/PSHE Co-ordinator

Ms Emma Jackson                                 Sport Partnership Development

Mr Chris James                                        Maths

Mr Peter Jones                                         Subject Leader - MFL

Miss Marie Joyce                                      Deputy Headteacher (Standards and Curriculum) & Business Studies

Mrs Anna Lewandowska                       Polish and EAL

Mr Ryan Lloyd                                            SENCO

Mr Fraser Long                                            Principal & Science

Mrs Trish Lunel                                           Subject Leader - Maths (Part time)

Mr Rory Mawn                                            School Sports Coordinator (SSCo)

Mrs Tara Mawn                                           Assistant Head (Behaviour & Standards)

Mrs Rachel Nutt                                         Maths

Mrs Sarah O'Donnell                                Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning & Raising Attainment - KS5)

Miss Katy O'Neill                                        PE

Mr Stewart Orton                                       Subject Leader - PE

Mr David Parrish                                        Subject Leader - Geography (act Acting SL for History)

Mrs Claire Phillips                                     Health & Social Care, KS3 Pastoral Support Manager - Yr 9

Mr Paul Proudfoot                                    Subject Leader - Science

Mr Alan Rankin                                           Subject Leader - Design and Technology

Ms Katherine Raw                                     Subject Leader - Business Studies (Part time)

Dr Anita Reed                                              Assistant Subject Leader - Science (Part time)

Ms Katherine Riley                                   English

Mr Hamish Savania                                  Science and House System Co-ordinator

Mrs Jocelyne Savin                                   Assistant Subject Leader - MFL

Mrs Catherine Sharpley                          Subject Leader - English

Miss Charlotte Smith                                 History (NQT)

Miss Rachel Smith                                      Assistant Headteacher (Spiritual Life) and Subject Leader - RE

Miss Amy Thompson                                 Science (NQT) & Pyschology

Mr Michael Thompson                              Science

Mr Wayne Thornton                                   Geography

Mrs Mandy Turner                                        Business Studies

Miss Ali Williams                                           Subject Leader - Art

Mr Tim Wilson                                                Subject Leader - Expressive Arts

Mr Will Woodham                                          PE

Mrs Sue Woo                                                   Maths (NQT)

Mr Tim Wright                                                 Assistant Subject Leader - Maths