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Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Blessed George Napier
Catholic School and Sixth Form
Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Part of the Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company

Physical Education

With previous Sport College Status, the school has benefited from the addition of better sports facilities:  Astroturf and Sports Hall and has created strong community links.  The PE Department works hard to develop the whole child, promote and inspire participation in sport, as well as providing examination opportunities in PE.  Sport and PE are well established in the school both in curriculum time and in out of hours learning.  Students have opportunities to experience PE and Sport through recreational activities and competitive situations, many students going on to plat at Club and Country level.    We share our sports facilities with the wider community with whom we have good sport links.  Local clubs and groups use our facilities outside school hours.

As the hub site for the North Oxfordshire School Partnership we work locally with the District Council Sports Development Officers, partner primary schools and secondary schools and Frank Wise Special School. As well as students fulfilling their academic potential, through the active partnership with the community and improved facilities, we aim to encourage everyone in the community to enjoy sport, ensure individuals achieve their potential in PE and Sport and encourage all to develop a healthy lifestyle and take responsibility for their own learning and actions. 

The Department is made up of six specialist teachers, which include the Subject Leader and SSCO.  All member of the department share offices situated in the Sports Centre and are allocated their own laptop.

Our facilities include a Sport Hall built in 2005, a floodlit Astroturf, a dance studio with interactive white board, a fitness area, netball courts and playing fields.

Our school was recently identified, by Oxford University and The Welcome Trust, as a role model school for a major study researching the link between activity in PE lessons and academic results.  Principles used and developed by our Department, which aim for maximum physical activity at all times (no standing around watching, waiting, queueing etc.), have been adopted by the study to be used by schools nationally involved in the study.


Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7 - 9 have 4 hours of PE a fortnight. The curriculum offers a good range of activities: Football, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Badminton, Health Related Fitness, Gymnastics, Tennis, Athletics, Cricket and  Rounders.

Key Stage 4

Students in Years 10 and 11 have 4 hours of PE a fortnight. Students will opt into activity blocks for the year containing a variety of activities.  The work places more emphasis on students taking a variety of sport linked roles:  performers, coaches, officials and analysts.  They also have the opportunity to take a leadership block that allows them to run sessions in our feeder primary schools. 


We place a heavy emphasis on competition and representation and aim that every student experiences some form of competitive sport.  Although only a relatively small department we are proud that we regularly turn out A, B and C teams in a range of sports and have established fixtures with many independent schools to enable them to have fixtures.  Having a very broad base of students, enjoying sports, leads to much success and we are District and County Champions in a number of events.  We are rightly proud of our students who are regularly punching about their weight.  Cross-Country and Athletics are particular strengths and we often host the 1st rounds of the ESAA Cup competitions in both these activities.  Currently we hold County titles  in Cross-Country, Sports Hall Athletics and Athletics and have been the District Champions in these sports for the previous 4 years!

There is a full and varied House Sport competition calendar and our annual Sports Day is a significant day in the school calendar enjoyed by all.

Key Stage 4 Examination

GSCE PE (AQA) is always a popular option and achievement is generally very high.

Sixth Form Examination

Students have the option to take 'A' Level PE (OCR). In Year 1 students have 9 hours of curriculum time a fortnight.  In Year 2 they have 8 hours of curriculum time a fortnight.    All Year 12 students follow an enrichment curriculum for 1 hour on a Wednesday afternoon.  Students also have the opportunity to opt for the Community Sports Leaders Award.

Out of School Hours Learning in PE (OSHL)

The school has an extensive OSHL programme offering recreational clubs as well as clubs for competitive opportunities in a large range of sports.  These clubs are often supported by the sports partnership which funds many coaches that run sessions.  Students also get the opportunity to take part in regular inter-house competitions through the year e.g Hockey, Athletics and Cross-Country.  There are also many intra-school fixtures against other schools throughout the year: both the boys and girls are entered into very competitive  leagues in all the major sports.

PE Residential

In Year 8 students have the opportunity to go on a week's residential to the Outdoor Education Centre at Glasbury.

PE Overseas Visits

The department runs a skiing trip annually during the February half-term.