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Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Blessed George Napier
Catholic School and Sixth Form
Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Part of the Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company

Learning Expectations

In the classroom

  • bring all necessary equipment
  • be prepared to begin work promptly
  • listen to instructions and stay on task
  • avoid all distractions
  • show respect to everyone at all times
  • do your best

In between lessons

  • move to your next class in an orderly manner
  • keep to the left
  • WALK, it is safer
  • arrive on time

In the dining hall

  • wait patiently for your turn
  • eat properly and politely
  • put all used utensils in the proper place
  • allows others to eat their meals in peace
  • leave the hall when you have finished your lunch
  • if you are inside the building, WALK
  • act responsibly - use litter bins
  • clean up after yourself

In the playground

  • be prepared to include others
  • respect other people's space
  • keep all areas free of litter
  • play ball away from windows and buildings

On the way to and from school

  • wear your uniform with pride
  • behave in a way which makes you a credit to the school
  • treat other people and their property with respect
  • go straight home , make sure your parents know where you are
  • if you travel by bus follow school rules in where to line up
  • always wear a seat belt

In the Chapel

  • you are in the presence of the Lord
  • remember that this is a place of prayer
  • enter in silence, genuflect, kneel and pray
  • behave with respect and reverence

In General

  • attend regularly
  • be punctual for registrations, lessons, lunch, meetings

After-School Clubs, Practices, Activities, Detention

  • seek permission from your parents
  • make arrangements for return home
  • find out the time the club finishes and let your parents know (could you give a lift to others?)
  • thank staff for giving their time

Lunch Time Clubs

  • make sure you have a pass for early lunch
  • be punctual for the club and registration
  • thank staff for giving their time