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Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Blessed George Napier
Catholic School and Sixth Form
Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Part of the Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company



Blessed George Napier is a former Lead Partner School of the Youth Sports Trust (YST) which is the lead body regarding all aspects of sports leadership courses, opportunities and qualifications in this country. At BGN school we have a dedicated team of PE staff working diligently to ensure that young people at BGN have outstanding opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Our young people have proven, over and over again, what incredible leaders, organisers, officials and all-round role models they are! BGN leaders are frequently found giving up their own time to organise, run and officiate at sporting events, festivals and competitions all over the North Oxfordshire Sports Partnership.

Sports Leadership is also given ample curriculum time during both Key Stage 3 and 4 Core PE. Our young people follow accredited leadership courses and are trained and prepared to lead at numerous events such as District Swimming Galas and to provide PE lessons and coaching at our local Primary Schools. Because we were a Lead Partner School, leadership opportunities for young people extend far beyond our school gates. We organise training and opportunities for young people in all our partner schools and host seminars for both students and staff so that good practice is prevalent throughout all schools in North Oxfordshire. The success of our programme means that we are currently striving to achieve ‘Gold’ level partnership status. As well as discrete leadership units of work for all year groups, every lesson, for all activities, has a leadership objective.

PE and Sport are well established in BGN both in curriculum time and out of school hours. Students have opportunities to experience PE and Sport through recreational activities and competitive situations, many students going on to play club and county level sport. The school has excellent sports facilities that are now used during the evenings and at weekends by the local community and clubs and we share good sporting links with many of these groups and clubs. Every tutor group has sports captains and we have an active School Sports Council.

In addition to the YST, we are also the Lead School and hub site to the North Oxfordshire School Sports Partnership. The School Sports Partnership has successfully helped to raise standards and participation rates in PE and Sport a cross partner secondary schools and their feeder primary schools. This, together with our strong community links, high standard of work carried out by dedicated and committed staff, will help us to continue to develop the ‘whole child’ and improve examination results across the school.