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Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Blessed George Napier
Catholic School and Sixth Form
Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Part of the Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company


Aims of the Department

We aim to realise the School’s Mission Statement through the curriculum and the culture of the English Department.


The Department has high expectations of all students to enable them to learn successfully.  We encourage a life-long love of reading and writing and encourage all students to perform to the best of their ability. 


We see ourselves as cheerful and supportive on a personal level as well as positive and forward-looking when meeting new initiatives. Colleagues readily exchange ideas, collaborate on schemes of work and operate an ‘open door’ policy in their classrooms.  We endeavour to foster an enthusiasm and passion for English together with a lifelong love of reading.


Key Stage 3

Our KS3 curriculum covers a wide variety of skills and topics, and is designed to prepare all students for the skills required for the GCSE Language and Literature exams in Key Stage 4.  We provide an appropriate level of challenge for all our students.    In Years 7 to 9, small groups of students are identified to receive additional Literacy support.  This enables us to target specific learning needs and provide personalised support.


Key Stage 4

Each year group at KS4 is organised into six teaching groups. We endeavour to keep these groups as flexible as possible throughout the GCSE course.  Most students will complete the AQA GCSE courses in English Language and English Literature, however there will be a small group that will take the AQA ‘Step up to English’ course following the silver than gold awards and once successfully completed they will move on to the English Language GCSE.


Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we teach two A levels: AQA Literature (B) and AQA Language. Both these courses are very popular with students.  We have a more relaxed style of teaching and this enables, quite often, lively debate on relevant issues.


A Level Language builds on the skills covered at GCSE. We look at different varieties of the English Language, textual representation and ways of analysing data too. We take a linguistic approach which means a more scientific way of exploring language. Students become very self-aware of the way they speak and write and how language is a powerful manipulative tool.


A Level Literature offers an engaging programme of study which as well as nurturing a greater love of literature also allows room for creativity and independent thought.