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Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Blessed George Napier
Catholic School and Sixth Form
Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Part of the Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company

Dress Code and Conduct

 Sixth Form Dress Code

The following code defines what is acceptable for Sixth Formers in our school. Anyone not following these guidelines will be asked to go home to change.

For the boys we would expect:-

  • Proper shoes – not canvas
  • Chinos or smart trousers
  • Short or long sleeved shirts or a polo shirt with a collar
  • On Mondays and mass days:- a suit or trousers with a jacket and a tie

For the girls we would expect:-

  • Proper shoes not canvas or too high
  • A dress, skirt or pair of smart trousers
  • A blouse or top

On Mondays and mass days:- smart clothing with a jacket

The following applies to all Sixth Formers, every day:-

  • No blue jeans
  • No shorts
  • No sports trainers or canvas shoes (inc Vans and Converse)
  • No round neck T shirts
  • No visible piercings other than a single earring
  • No ripped trousers
  • No unacceptably tight or revealing clothing

Sixth Form Code of Conduct

The following conditions are an integral part of joining the community of Blessed George Napier Sixth Form;

  • Striving to be an appropriate role model and set an example for younger students
  • Bringing credit to yourself and the school at every opportunity
  • Having respect for all other members of the school community
  • Commitment to independent study, typically 3 hours individual work a day after school hours
  • Attending all lessons without exception
  • Registering in the morning and afternoon
  • Always being punctual
  • Being fully involved in Assemblies and School Masses
  • Completing set work on time
  • Making good use of the time available in school for study
  • Dressing and behaving in a manner appropriate to a member of the Sixth Form
  • Attending all “Extended Project” lessons and producing the work required to gain the qualification which attracts UCAS points

If you have any queries or are unsure if something is acceptable, please speak to

Mrs O’Donnell, Mrs Ellul or Mr Thornton at any time.